Brazil-021 School of Jiu-Jitsu seeks much more than winning competition medals. Our resolution is to promote health, well-being, self-confidence, and mental toughness in a safe, encouraging, and inspirational environment to properly prepare our clients for all of the challenges of life.

Our History

The Brazil-021 School of Jiu-Jitsu, was founded by Jiu-Jitsu black belts Andre “Negão” Terencio and Hannette Staack. The school began with the vision of unifying its staff and creating a solid team, not only to train champions, but also to help its members become good citizens and family members. 

Brazil-021 is not an Academy reserved solely for the “tough” and powerful, but rather for all men, women, children, and people who are unsure of their abilities.
The name and logo were inspired by the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. The numbers - 021, signify the telephone area code for Rio de Janeiro where Jiu-Jitsu was initially most strongly developed. Jiu-Jitsu is now practiced worldwide, and because of this globalization, the school was given a name with an English foundation: BRAZIL-021 SCHOOL OF JIU-JITSU.

The Team is composed with schools in Brazil, the United States, and Canada.


Professors Andre and Hannette with Grandmaster Francisco Mansur

Professors Andre and Hannette with Grandmaster Francisco Mansur

Knowing your lineage is very important. It defines not only who you currently are working with, but where all of the knowledge you are obtaining came from. Brazil-021 Jiu-Jitsu’s foundation was developed by Grand Masters Carlos Gracie Sr, Helio Gracie, and Francisco Mansor.

  1. Carlos Gracie
  2. Helio Gracie
  3. Francisco Mansur
  4. Carlos Henrique Rosa da Silva 
    • Flavio Aleluia (Black Belt 5th Degree)
    • Andre Terencio (Black Belt 4th Degree)
      • Hannette Staack (Black Belt 4th Degree)   

To know more about the lineage of our professors, see their profile on the coaches and professors tab.

A few key things drew me to Brazil-021. I believe they are also the elements that I distinguish Brazil-021 as a standout jiu-jitsu school. At Brazil-021, the organizational structure, the instruction style, and the interactions between professors and students and between students and their teammates, matched my expectations of what I believe every athletic training program should have at their core.
— Teresa Do