Donate to the Brazil-o21 Project

By donating to the Brazil-021 Project you will be helping children growing up in extreme poverty experience the joys of life while learning lifelong skills. 

The Brazil-021 project focuses on supporting children growing up in the Favela of "" offering the following benefits:

  • Donation of Gis to those who cannot afford them
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes and instruction
  • Lessons on the history of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu emphasizing the importance of respect, discipline, and leadership
  • Nutrition classes that teach the importance of healthy daily living
  • An annual tournament and pizza party
  • Funding allowing for students to travel to travel and compete across the world!



Donate to the Brazil-021 Project

The Brazil-021 World Champions Initiative!


In 2015 donations and proceeds from the purchase of our "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Saves Lives" t-shirt were used to bring "Name 1" & "Name 2", student from "Favela Name" to the United States to compete in the world championships! 

This was the trip of a lifetime for these kids who had never dreamed of coming to the United States, let alone competing in the World Championships (and taking third place)! This experience was not inexpensive, however, with the costs outlined below:

  • Transportation (Plane tickets for the competitors and Professor Thiago Soriso, rental cars and gas, parking fees): $2,703.05

  • Accommodations and Food (Hotel for the World Championships, Groceries, and Restaurants): $1,565.75

  • Entertainment (A trip to Disneyland!): $440.00

rand Total: $4,708.80